How We Improve Your Credit

We credit geeks know that you are anxious to get started restoring your credit. We start immediately and do the work for you. The simple steps detailed below are guidelines for the entire process. You are welcomed and encouraged to contact us at anytime to inquire about your status, ask us questions, or make a comment.
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Onyx Credit Repair Geeks Services Description  VIP Client Plan Couple VIP Plan
Case Setup Fee
(About a 1 Hour Interview with Client to Review Reports and Discuss Credit Repair Strategy Plan)
$179.00 $349.00
Monthly Payment until services are complete or cancelled $99.00 $189.00
Automated emails regarding status of your case Included Included
Lifetime Membership
(never pay the setup fee again!)
Included Included
Cancel Anytime, No Contract Included Included
Credit File Analysis and Consultation Included Included
Individual Credit Coaching Included Included
Unlimited Dispute Letters to All Three Credit Bureaus Included Included
Outstanding Customer Service
(real people to answer your questions face to face)
Included Included
Custom Communications
to All Three Credit Bureaus
Included Included
Auto file Progression Tracking and Response Included Included
Priority Data Entry and Response Included Included
24/7 Access to your account Included Included
Complete File Accuracy Assurance (regular monitoring of your case) Included Included
Seasoned Credit Tradelines Available for Purchase Included Included
Custom Recommendation Letters for potential Creditors Included Included
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Step 1

Introductory Email

Once you have signed up, you will be able to download your welcome packet containing a checklist of items that will get the process started. We will also show you several methods for obtaining your credit report. You will also receive a username and password so that you can access your account 24 hours a day 7 days a week via our website.

Step 2

Assigned to a Credit Repair Consultant

In order to insure that your credit repair process is performed efficiently, you will be assigned to a credit repair consultant. Each credit consultant will remain with your case and be available to you for the duration of the process.

Step 3

Put Your Credit Repair Consultant to work

As you acquire information concerning your credit history, we ask that you forward that information by mail to Onyx Legal Credit Repair. The more information your credit team has, the more efficient the credit repair process will be. Any statements, credit bureau responses, or reports you receive contain valuable information that your credit consultant can utilize during the restoration process. Your credit consultant will use the information you forward to begin the dispute process with the credit bureaus. You will always be notified via e-mail when any action is taken on your file. Every e-mail will describe what has been done and what the next step in the process will be.

Step 4

The Credit Bureaus respond to you

Once we have filed a dispute, the response from the credit bureau or creditor will be mailed directly to you. The law states that agencies have a reasonable amount of time, usually 30 days, to respond to a dispute. You will be able to evaluate the progress on your account from the information contained in the responses.

Step 5

Forward Responses

When you receive a response letter, just forward it to your credit consultant at Onyx Legal Credit Repair. We will evaluate the responses and lodge when justified new disputes based on the information contained in the response you send us. It's that easy!

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